Sunday, December 5, 2010

The (tentative) Plan

After repeating this about a billion times today at church, I thought I would post it here. Here's what we are guessing will happen after he's born (which we are thinking he'll wait until Wednesday.)

-I will go in on Tuesday for all my c-section prep, including lab work.
-Wednesday Grant will drive me in and we'll get started right away. We hope we're not bumped due to emergency c-sections. This will hopefully be at 11:30 like scheduled.
-Depending on how Parker does outside the womb, he may or may not be rushed straight to the NICU. The cardiologists seem confident that he'll be ok after he's delivered, and might be able to hang out with us in recovery. He will probably have to be monitored at some point in the NICU though.
-He will most likely have surgery on Thursday or Friday. They'll watch him all of Wednesday to see how he's doing, but he will definitely not be leaving the hospital without a pacemaker.
-I will be leaving either Saturday or Sunday.
-They estimate that Parker will spend a week in hospital, just to check that everything is ok and that he's not having complications. So if it is a week, that means he'll be home the following Wednesday.

And thats the extremely tentative plan. All subject to change, but thats what we're planning on right now.


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  1. Well since it's already Wednesday- here's hoping everything's going according to plan! Good luck! Our prayers are with you!