Friday, December 10, 2010


Parker's surgery is this morning, second in line for the surgeon. It will be about 11 or so, which daddy there to hold his hand as he goes in. Hopefully both Mom and Dad can be there when he returns, to see how he's handling things.

I went down again last night to see him. Its such a long and painful ride, I'm usually already sick and in pain before I get to him, so I can't stay long. He is still super teeny. He likes having his toes rubbed. However, he only has two moods, asleep and VERY grumpy. Our nurse put it this way, heart babies just don't feel good. Its like having a migraine, you really can't smile because you're in pain. So we really can't get him to look up at us with wonder or coo at him, we really need to let him sleep if he can. So they're not exactly the happiest visits for me right now.

And thats how things are right now.



  1. I'll say a prayer his surgery goes well and he can get happy after he feels better, he's so darn cute!

  2. thanks for the update. And I do want to hear the story about YOU. You are important and special too!

  3. I agree, I want to here your birth story!