Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I thought I'd post to let everyone know that we're alive. We are SO thrilled to have Parker home with us, but gosh its a lot of work. He has to have special food that requires a three step mixing process, and is quite grumpy. He never sleeps longer than three hours and ALWAYS WANTS TO BE HELD. Even when he's asleep he prefers the warmness and comfort of his parent's bodies. Add an older brother who is insanely jealous of all the attention of Baby Parker so he constantly is naughty? We are exhausted. We survived Christmas and the hustle and bustle, but I really just wish we could get into a nice pace and start to enjoy this time. Also Parker has had 4-5 appointments per week, so that is pretty difficult too.

No picture, because I'm too tired to grab my camera.

But we're home. And happy. And sleep-deprived. :)



  1. If you want you can send Colby over anytime to come play so you can have somewhat of a break. :)

  2. I'm exhausted just reading that! Good luck you guys!

  3. i could have written this word for word (0ther then the special food) with Hudson. He ALWAYS wanted to be held, Roman was SO naughty. After reading this I can assure you, it really is better here, sometimes it's just hard to see it because Roman was such a great sleeper, and Hudson just isn't. But...He will sleep in his bed now, which is huge. Some nights he does sleep longer stretches, and they grow up so fast....in a year or two you will look back and it will all just be a mild "Wow, I am glad we are over that." I know it doesn't help now, but keep it up. You are doing a great job, it's hard, but it's worth it! I love the picture of Parker smiling. The smiles, the laughs, they are what make it all worth it!