Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little Peanut

Today one of Parker's techs called him Little Peanut and it is so true. Our once 5lb 11 oz baby has now turned into a 4lb 9 oz Peanut. His cheeks have lost their chub and he feels so light as he snuggles into your chest.
Part of the reason is because he just won't eat. This is where the majority of his struggles are lately. Since he didn't eat a bottle for two days after birth, he really doesn't know how to do it. He has a test tomorrow where they feed him dye and then do x-rays to see if the dye goes down to his stomach or if it is getting into his lungs. We also have a meeting with a speech therapist tomorrow to learn how to teach Parker to use his mouth, to suck and to swallow. They are also enriching my breastmilk with high calorie formula to try to increase his weight.
I love spending time with him though. I can get him to eat twice as much as any nurse. He loves his mommy, thats for sure! What a cute little peanut.


  1. Oh Amy he is so beautiful :) Is he really 1 week old already?? Wow!! What a rough first week it has been... but he is a trooper! Can't wait until he is strong enough where you can have him home!

  2. He sure is a cute peanut! I'm so sorry to hear about his latest struggle. I hope he gets that figured out soon!