Monday, October 11, 2010


It finally worked out that I could have Grant spend the night with me in the hospital while Grandma and Grandpa took Colby for the night. Colby had a wonderful fun night, and it was so relaxing and great to have a night with Grant, just the two of us. To feel him near anytime I wanted, to not have to say goodbye.

Grant didn't really enjoy the 'rest' he got, though. This pile of blankets? Thats him hiding from the lights and noises of sleeping in a hospital.
First of all, lets forget that his pull-out sofa is almost twice the size of my bed.

The noises I understand are HORRIBLE. That vent right by him? That is non-stop loud white-noise air. It never stops, period. And then, there's my bed. Its one of the hospital hydraulics beds, right? But about every five minutes, it 'goes off'. I liken it to an airplane about to take off. It slowly builds up in loudness and intensity, until about three minutes later it just shuts off. So when you're trying to fall asleep at night, either you're listening to it 'take off' or you're waiting for it to do so. SOOO noisy.

And the lights. There is a light in the wall that never turns off. Period. Its also right at my eye-level when I'm sleeping on my left side. So annoying.

And the best part, the constant visits from nurses and doctors. My night schedule is horrible. I go to bed at 11, and the nurses wake me up (with lights, noises, etc) at 12, 4, and 8 for a heart rate and also to get all my vitals. And for kicks and giggles, all the doctors file in about 6 am to say hi and see if I need anything.

So after my the doctors left at 6, I peek over at Grant and see him like this. Yeah, he'd never hold up to living in a hospital! But it was nice to climb out of my bed and go snuggle with him. Its the part I miss the most about home!


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  1. Aww! I'm so glad he was able to spend the nite with you! I've been in the hospital many times (not as the patient but as the Momma) and it's not fun.. Hugs!!