Tuesday, October 12, 2010

more 3D

So with all my ultrasounds, I have a drawer chock-full of cute pics of my unborn child. Especially at first, I would end up with handfuls of black and white blurry images, and I would ooh and ahh and then put them in my desk drawer. As time went on though, ultrasound techs have to start getting creative. I mean, how many profiles do I need, right? And I think its safe to say he's a boy, I have at least ten images of the 'money shot'. A few times the techs have decided to do 3D ultrasounds, which I love. I get lucky about once a month, and today was that day! I love how chubby his cheeks are getting, and I love seeing his button nose. I think its interesting to see the difference in ages though. At 22 weeks, he resembled Gollum from Lord of the Rings, or at the very least an old wrinkly man. I think I would've cried if he came out looking like that! But he's getting cuter as he's baking! Here's 22 wks, 26 wks, and today at 30 wks!

And for the results of the ultrasound, everything is still looking the same, no change. Thats all we can hope for at this point!



  1. He is SO cute!!! I am so glad you are home now. I hope it stays that way for a while longer and the little guy can keep baking.

  2. He's so fat and beautiful! You keep on going Mama! You can do it!