Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Parker is a little stinker in many ways. One of the ways... the little boy loves to hang out breech. For those that don't know what breech is, I found the most non-graphic picture on google images I could. They're supposed to be head down, and sometimes Parker is. But he much prefers sideways or this, breech. And the kid loves to kick. And kick and kick and kick. I am getting VERY sore. Turns out he's causing me to dialate a bit. So in case this pregnancy wasn't difficult enough, they're starting to watch out for signs of pre-term labor.
Touche, Parker.


  1. Yikes, I know someone who delivered a footling breech, horrible pain she said! Hope he flips and stays head down for you.

  2. My youngest was a footling breech before they delivered him via emergency surgery.. I'm sure the drs were pretty surprised when they went to check mom and found a foot hanging down.. Oops!

    Good luck! I hope Parker behaves himself :)