Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just make up your mind already, Doctors!

This is just another post on the ridiculousness of my doctors. My doctors don't communicate at all, but they tell me they do!

Last Tuesday, my new ob-gyn said that I should go full term to 37 weeks. But on that date (Dec 1) they'll take him out.

Last Friday, Parker's cardiologists informed me that they held an "Amy and Parker meeting" and want him to bake until 38 weeks. They told me that they spoke to my ob-gyns, and they were on board.

This past Tuesday, I saw my ob-gyn again. She informed me that the cardiologists had not spoken to her. Plus she found new things to be worried about (my health, this time) and she wants him out no later than 35-36 weeks.

Can we just pick a day and stick to it???

For the record, I'm 34 weeks today.



  1. I agree that has got to be very frustrating! You are getting so close either way. I know you will be so relieved to just have him here! Thinking of you guys.

  2. Goodness, you want to treat them like children and make them all sit in the same room together until they can agree on something like kids and TV Shows! Hope it soon enough for you, and ong enough baking for him!

  3. Wow! Drama! So sorry, hope things work out and Parks comes out ready to fight and does AWESOME, and hope you emotional and physical wellness.