Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Perfectly Parker

This image totally captures Parker perfectly.

Here's what he's up to now:
-He's still super teeny. This is a preemie outfit, and fits him perfectly around. But you can see its too short for his arms and his body. Unfortunately newborn stuff still swamps him, though.
-He is so alert. He won't stop staring at you. Its pretty unnerving, actually. His gaze is just so intense.
-He is so active and wiggly. Those long thin fingers are always moving, he is always pulling off his oxygen and also scratching his face up pretty badly. He always needs to be grabbing something.
-He's happiest when someone is holding him. I don't think he's gone a whole night in his bassinet.
-He's eating almost double what the doctors initially told us. However the dr's are pretty impressed and want him to eat as much as possible. We need to fatten him up!

He's just such a sweet little guy!


  1. He sure is a cutie! Good job on getting him fattened up!!!

  2. Oh Amy he is soooo handsome and his eyes are a dream. He's a doll. Congrats!

    :) Kate