Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yet another...

appointment. I think I need to start getting creative with the names. Its become quite boring and I know everyone keeps seeing 'appointment' in their bloglist. So lets say I had another meet-up with the docs.

This was my son:

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No kidding, he would not hold still. The doctor was getting the biggest laugh at it. At one point she said, "he just shook his booty!" It was pretty funny to watch.

And... his heart rate was up. But we think that it might have more to do with the fact we caught him during a dance concert and less that it means anything. Parker was in a very happy mood!

And, we really don't know whats up with the 24 hr monitor that the cardiologists want to put on me... my dr said she has never heard of that, and the only way she'd be capable of that would be sending me to labor & delivery to sit for 24 hours. And thats just not something I'm allowed to do, because if I ever went into L&D with the heartrate so low they'd immediately deliver me thinking something was wrong with the baby. I'd have a mask on before I could even explain!

Well, thats it for now. Next appointment set for Monday, and I plan on doing a TON before then to prepare for the P-dude.


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  1. That's definitely an awesome visual! At least he's a happy little guy!