Monday, September 6, 2010

All About Parker!

We found out we were pregnant with him on April 7th, and we were absolutely overjoyed! We first saw him on our anniversary, May 19, with a tiny little body. I was always so sick, he gave me a lot more morning sickness than I ever had with his brother, Colby. We were thinking it was a girl, because I had tons more symptoms than with Colbs. However, on July 26, we were very shocked to see he was ALL boy. He seemed so proud of his parts too. LOL

Unfortunately, at the same appointment, we found out that his heartbeat was a bit... slow. It was 70-90, when heartbeats should be between 110-170. They wanted us to go to the perinatologists, or 'high-risk' dr's, just to be safe. So two days later, we had another full on ultrasound. They confirmed he had a low heartbeat, and gave us a 'guess' that it was a heart block. We would need to go to Primary Children's Hospital to get a fetal echocardiogram, where they would get a better look. At this appointment they confirmed his congenital heart defect, and diagnosed it as Complete Heart Block. The heart is formed perfectly, its just slow.

However, he's going to be just fine if his heartrate stays up. He is such a happy and active baby. He is always kicking. I have ultrasounds twice a week now, and at every one he is rolling and squirming. This kid never stops! It feels like I already know him so well. He is such a little fighter. He is always kicking and punching my waistbands, he hates to feel them on him. He is so strong, and getting stronger by the day!

The outlook right now is unknown. His heartrate has slowed down even more, so I will probably be getting on medication to speed it up. He will probably need a heart surgery soon after birth to put a pacemaker in. We love our little guy and look forward to the day when he can hold and snuggle him!

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