Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We did a lot of visiting this past weekend for Mommy's Bday and Father's Day. Mom was trying out her new present a TON! (new flash for my camera) and so I took lots of pics as I pawned my child off onto whoever would hold him. You can tell how put out they are by their faces :)

Malorie- one of his favorite ladies ever. He's such a ladies man, but he has his favorites he keeps coming to.
Uncle Mike. He gets him giggling so hard!

Here he is drooling all over his Uncle Jason's necklace. Yummo.

Here he is with his middle-name namesake (Jake), his Grandma Mitchell. Her dad (Parker's great grandfather) always called her Jake. I think its so awesome that those two will always have that connection! She's been such a huge help to me during the entire pregnancy, and just adores my little guy. :)

Thats not even close to the amount of people who held him, but like I said, those were my guinea pigs when it came to testing out my toy!

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