Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Parker's First Camping Experience

We went to Willard Bay for a family and friend vacation. We stayed in a little cabin up there at the KOA. Is that cheater camping? I think so. But we had a lot of fun!

Parker enjoyed all the people time. There was always someone to hold him, or play with him, or even just to snuggle with him.
With little miss Kaylee, our friend's daughter. She loves Parker, and it looks like the feeling's mutual.

We went 'swimming' in the KOA pool, but it was freeeeeeezing. So while the boys swam, we took turns holding and watching.

See what I mean about the snuggling?

Nom Nom nom. So yummy.

Parker in front of our little cabin.

Parker's very short experience with sand. It was so hot, so bug-y, and he tried to eat it. No thank you!

After we went in the lake for a few minutes and got eaten alive by mosquitos, Mommy and Parker retreated to the pavilion.

Then we wandered over to the Children's Museum in Ogden. They are super cheap every Friday night, so we had to go. I must say, its a blast! I like it better than the Discovery Gateway.

Here's Parker pounding on some drums.

Let me introduce you to Parker, President of the United States.

Oh just kidding, he's really the KING.

It cracked me up, he was as big as the 'giant' chess pieces.

He wasn't too sure about the horse rides.

However, he did already pick his college! This is the place, right by the temple and the capitol building!

We wrote his name on the wall, and then got his footprint too!

And a last parting shot in front of our little cabin. We had a lot of fun!

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  1. You always make me laugh! KOA Camping is the ONLY camping as far as I'm concerned. Parker is growing so big. It must be from all the love he gets
    -Loves! Angee