Wednesday, May 18, 2011


All the time I hear "oh, he's getting so BIG!" And I try not to look at them like they're crazy. He's not big, he's still so little! He's been wearing some of the same clothes for 4 months now. He barely has made it into size 1 shoes. The 1 percentile in height and less than 1% for weight. He's a little shrimp.

And then I was buckling him into his carseat yesterday, and I had to stretch out the straps again. And then I remembered how small he was at the hospital, when the straps were loose after we had pulled them as tight as they could go. How his teeny head wouldn't even fit in the newborn support, we had to cram a blanket around it so his noggin wouldn't flop around.


(the carseat test at the hospital, to make sure he could sit upright without his oxygen plummeting)


Yep, you're right. He is getting so big!


  1. His facial expressions crack me up! What an adorable little man!

  2. so cute!" he IS getting so big" It was great to meet you in person, maybe I'll see you at the 5K on Saturday.