Friday, April 8, 2011

4 Months old!

Today Parker turned 4 months old! We're so excited, and yet so shocked. Pregnancy dragged on forever and forever, and now his babyhood is just slipping through our fingers. So here's four things about our little buddy-boy.

1- Did I mention the teeny? 11 lb 4 oz today. Although he's starting to fill out, he still doesn't look like a 4 mo old. He's holding strong in the 1% for weight and height.

2- He's so happy! Although he's very high maintenance still, he will smile at ANYONE. You just coo "hi!" and he'll flash an adorable gummy smile at you.

3- He's a total mama's boy. Which I love. Colbs was always obsessed with Dad, so its my turn :)

4. His eyelashes are longer than the hair on his head. Poor guy!


  1. Happy 4 months, little man! He is SO ADORABLE! And I love his smile! :)

  2. Happy 4 month Birthday Parker! What he lacks in size he can make up for in spunk and moxie! Way to go Mom for surviving the first four months.

  3. Can he get any cuter! Such a darling boy!